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    Hello, I am trying to transfer a WordPress web-site to a new host, but received the following SQL error message upon uploading:


    SQL query:---- Indexes for dumped tables------ Indexes for table wp_actionscheduler_actions--ALTER TABLE wp_actionscheduler_actions ADD PRIMARY KEY (action_id), ADD KEY hook (hook), ADD KEY status (status), ADD KEY scheduled_date_gmt (scheduled_date_gmt), ADD KEY args (args), ADD KEY group_id (group_id), ADD KEY last_attempt_gmt (last_attempt_gmt), ADD KEY claim_id (claim_id)

    MySQL said: 

    #1062 - Duplicate entry '0' for key 'PRIMARY'

    The site seemed functional, and I did a bit of work on it, updating plugins. I received error messages when I tried to customise the appearance. The next day the database was blocked for exceeding 2 GB (the .sql file I had uploaded was 228 MB). If I recall correctly, it was the wp_actionscheduler_logs table that was very large, maybe 1.8 GB or so.

    I tried again today, (also re-uploading all the files) but received the same error message. wp_actionscheduler_logs is currently around 5 MB.

    Much appreciate any advice.

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    wp_actionscheduler_logs has increased from 5 to 118 MB overnight. It generates 50 or 100 entries per second with message ‘action ignored via WP Cron’. The log_id in each case is 0.

    I should have said that I did a ‘quick’ export from phpAdmin in my old server. I still have access to the databases there, so could do a custom export if that would help.

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    What plugin is responsible for table wp_actionscheduler_logs? It’s not a default WP table. I recommend seeking help through that plugin’s dedicated support channel. Something’s not working right to get so many action ignored messages.

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    Thanks, I didn’t realise that it wasn’t a default WP table. Not sure which plugin is responsible for it.

    I tried the method suggested for a similar case at , namely to do a custom export from PhpMyAdmin, ticking the Add DROP TABLE / VIEW / PROCEDURE / FUNCTION / EVENT statement.

    This .sql file uploaded successfully without an error statement, and the wp_actionscheduler_logs table is still on 27kB, so hopefully the issue is resolved.

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