Support » Plugin: WPtouch » When it Works it’s great, But the support isn’t great

  • Carrie


    I’ve been using it for a couple years and I have the pro version. It largely was an effortless install and setup and gave me a completely different mobile template.

    I initially used this, in part, because it also created the AMP pages and it would be nice to have mobile and AMP all in one… but after a long drawn out AMP issue between WPTouch and the theme I was using, I wound up not using the AMP functionality of WPTouch, in part because of the issue and in part because even without that issue, WPTouch won’t generate AMP for anything other than posts. So I needed a different plugin for that.

    I liked that it has lots of flexibility in the way of themes and potential functionality but I found that I only needed one theme and a few of the pro functions. So when I renewed, I only wanted to renew those pieces… which had to be a support ticket with lots of back and forth when it should have been simple.

    Most recently, I had an issue with AMP that was stemming from a setting in my WPTouch theme. Although I did reach out to WPTouch support, they were 0 help in resolving it and in fact recommended at least 2 things that were ultimately detrimental to my site, and had nothing at all to do with the issue. It wasn’t a super technical solution (just needed to change a setting) but after chasing an answer for weeks, I finally randomly landed on the solution myself. That should have been a no brainer for them.

    And also, more recently, this plugin was preventing me from creating a child theme for my desktop theme.

    So, it’s great when it works! And it largely works. But when it doesn’t, it’s challenging and it seems like this plugin has been in the midst of so many problems I’ve had over the couple of years I used it. Support leaves something to be desired and support is important to me in a product. I’m going to go it without this plugin for a while and if I get everything working the way I want, will not renew.

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