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  • turkeytrooper


    I want to have my hosting service install WordPress on a separate folder on a non-WordPress site I own and use this installation to develop WP sites behind a un/password I will later sell to prospective clients and then migrate the developed site to their domain once the sale is done.

    I’m not even sure this will work, but I have acquaintances and existing clients with old, outdated sites and I believe the prospect of a new fully functional ready-to-go with minor revisions site at a reasonable price will be appealing.

    From an experience level, I have built rudimentary WP sites in the past and managed WP sites built by someone else. I intend to do my new sites with Elementor.

    I’m presuming the address for such a site would be something in the order of

    Can someone steer me in the right direction? If this is the wrong forum for this subject, please point me to the appropriate one,

    Thanks to those who know  more than me,


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  • catacaustic


    That will work. Were I work, we do that with development sites and it’s not a problem. The only potential issue is if you’re using a Network (multi-site) site as they can be a bit more tricky in the set up, but for a normal WordPress site, it’s all fine.

    Rajnish Vijya


    It’s simple Create a folder wordpress/developedsite within your hosting directory. Install WordPress in this folder during the setup.

    Hi @turkeytrooper

    I agree with @catacaustic and @rajnishvijya. You’ll need to consider the future needs of your web hosting. You can use the folder approach as you intend to.

    Another thing to add is that you may want to do a “no follow” approach (to avoid search engines spying on your demo content, if you’ll use placeholders for your demo).

    I think the best is to create a folder in your web hosting managerand install WordPress in there. Can run on a subdomain or in a subdirectory… something like

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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